Is Wealthy Affiliate is Legit

I’m pretty sure that you have come across Wealthy Affiliates and wondering if it is legit. Why is it that it is a very successful training platform

Here are my good reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform

1. High-tech platform

Wealthy Affiliate is not just an idea illustrated by a landing page, some graphics, and a bunch of bold writings about affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is a fully operational training platform that started in 2005 with real entrepreneurs as owners who you have access to and are very involved in the day-to-day operations.

The owner’s Kyle & Carson is the real deal, and they are not only really genuine people but care about the members of their platform.

They have built this training platform with a valuable education that has proven to work and helped thousands of people all over the world to start their online business.

They are proven online entrepreneurs with outstanding skills in various fields, who found their passion and built this awesome community.

You can also check out their social media profiles to be sure that they are not peopled from photo stock pictures.

The platform is free to join. No credit card required. If you have heard rumors that it is a scam, you can satisfy your curiosity and finding out the truth for yourself at no cost at all.

But I have to warn you, though. You will be mesmerized at the expert approach to online marketing and tailor-made services available on the platform.

2. Step by step training

I know no training is perfect, but Wealthy Affiliate does a great job of equipping its members with complete A to Z lessons on how to build an online business.

Their core training courses offer you a complete blueprint on how to create your online business, how to build it out in a way that it will attract its visitors, how to monetize it with affiliate marketing, and then how you’ll ultimately make money with it.

There are two main courses:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (for those who want to choose their topic) – this has 5 Levels with 10 Lessons on each level.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (for those who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate) – this has 7 Levels with 10 Lessons in each level.

The core training is broken down in subsequent training modules, videos, and call to action tasks that you can do so you can build your online business as you learn.

In addition to the core training, which is already rich with a lot of value, but then you can always discover new techniques during the weekly live video webinar training.

Topics cover various segments of online business such as keyword research, SEO, content creation, PPC, traffic, conversions, tracking, WordPress, affiliate Bootcamp, and my favorite, local marketing.

All these lessons provide a robust framework for scaling your business and giving it the best chance to succeed.

I firmly believe this is what makes the Wealthy Affiliate training so powerful. If you are committed and hungry enough to go through all the training and apply it consistently to your online business, you won’t worry about success anymore.

All in all, it’s the training at Wealthy Affiliate that has helped me achieve online success, and I believe it can do the same for you.

Keep in mind that every niche is profitable, but reaching the top is depends on several factors.

What do I mean?

Some niches are more competitive than others; therefore, your progress can be halted from time to time, but as I always say, consistency and hard work are key!

3. How is the fee

Most other products/training in the industry have hidden costs like upsells, down sales, other unnecessary purchases, and, in most cases, are seldom free to join.

This is done intentionally as a marketing ploy to get you to buy, and buy, and buy.

However, Wealthy Affiliate makes it so that you can join for FREE with a Starter membership that is free for life.

With the Starter Free membership, you can taste all features, including premium access for your first seven days, then you can decide to stay free or upgrade to Premium.

So, in case you’re not happy with what you see, you always part ways with nothing to lose! So much of being a scam, huh?

The Starter Membership costs $0, you’ll have access to the first level of 10 free lessons, and you’ll have a live website at the end of those first ten free lessons.

If you go on to upgrade to the Premium membership, then you’re going to be well-equipped to succeed.

The cost of Premium is $49 per month, $234 per 6-months, or $359 per year with no upsells or hidden fees whatsoever.

The only other costs for your online business is an option like a domain which is very cheap about $10-15/year and, if you want to build an email list, you will have that cost too but a price you have to get outside of Wealthy Affiliate.

The cost of Premium is quite low as it comes with super-fast, high-quality web hosting.

A keyword research tool, site builder tools, unlimited emails, private domain registration included, SSL certificates included, and much more goodies.

The entire platform opens up to you as a Premium member.

Notice that the Wealthy Affiliate discount for the Yearly Membership is only $0.98 per day, where else can you start a new business with such a low cost? Sure beats any brick and mortar store.

4. Success stories

And now you might be probably wondering, is anyone making money following the Wealthy Affiliate training?

There are so many positive reviews online about Wealthy Affiliate, so there should be some success stories.

I can assure you, and there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs that have used Wealthy Affiliate as their vehicle to get there. But we can only see the success stories of those who are willing to share their stories.

Here are a few of them:

5. Supports 24/7/365

I have not seen the kind of help that’s available at Wealthy Affiliate from any other affiliate marketing training platform.

They have a specific team for technical support for your sites that react quickly to your tickets.

You can have one-on-one help with private messaging, so you can discuss specifics without having the whole world know about your online business.

They also have Live Chat help that’s opened 24/7 as there are members from around the world.

You also have the option to “Ask a Question,” which gets you to answer from a variety of members because the whole community will see your question.

The level of support is not seen on other training platforms as everyone on there has a pay-it-forward attitude and willing to help you, including the owners themselves!

6. Weekly live webinar

Wealthy Affiliate holds weekly live video classes every Friday by Jay Neil.

He shares valuable info on great online marketing topics to ensure that you keep up with the latest trends.

He tackles what’s working in the industry and, by so doing, keeping a mile distance with the competition.

There are Questions & Answers sessions at the end of the training, where Jay responds to all concerns.

So, this is always a great chance to ask your burning questions and have them answered by a marketing genius!

However, these Live Video Sessions are only available to premium members. Are achieved for future reference in case you missed them, and there are well over 300 past live webinars by now.

You’ll find that the achievement for old live video classes dates back to Nov 2010! As a new member, you have so many things you can learn from on this platform.

7. Unlimited Resources and Tutorials

When joining Wealthy Affiliate, you’re not just getting their core training, and you’re also getting thousands of other tutorials and resources that you can use in your online business.

If you’ve been a Premium member for three months, then you’re able to create training on the platform and earn a little money for each tutorial you create.

So there are incentives for members on there to create new tutorials and thus offering you tons of teaching you opportunities on things you want to do with your online business.

Because the platform has been operating since 2005, you bet there are 1000’s of tutorials you can learn.

All you have to do is simply just type in what you want to know or learn how to do something in the Wealthy Affiliate search bar, and you’ll find it right away.

8. Technically powerful tools

Wealthy Affiliate has its very own website builder and state-of-art hosting platform. It’s called SiteRubix and is accessible to both free and premium members.

For website building purposes, Siterubix installs WordPress on your website to create your blog.

WordPress is a content management platform that supports multiple users in a collective and collaborative environment.

Starter members can build up to one free website, while Premium members can build up to 10 free SiteRubix websites and 10 websites with custom domains.

For hosting purposes, SiteRubix hosts all your websites in one place.

SiteRubix provides fast, secure, and manageable features for your website:

  • SiteSpeed
  • SiteProtect
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • 24/7 support
  • hosting services
  • SiteBuilder
  • SiteManager
  • SiteContent
  • site feedback
  • SiteComments

You might be wondering how much all of these costs, right? (Website builder and Hosting).

Well, you don’t have to worry because this is all included in both the Free Starter and Premium memberships.

When you compare hosting services provided by other platforms, you’ll find that they charge up to $200/mo or more for comparable hosting services (not the cheap stuff).

Wealthy Affiliate makes it possible to register your domains fast and efficiently. However, there’s a limit to domain name choices and,.net,.org,

You don’t have to buy it there, and you can buy it elsewhere and still get it hosted on Wealthy Affiliate.

The domain package is part of the SiteRubix platform and is very powerful.

It comes with full unlimited email accounts, full access to emails and no upsells, advanced DNS automation and management, WHOIS protection privacy as well as SSL Certificates being included.

So if you’re following the pattern here, you’ll see that WA is an online entrepreneurship community with everything present for the construction of your Affiliate marketing online business.

I think this saves a lot of time.

Another tool that will come with both Free & Premium members is their keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

This Jaaxy tool will be essential because this is part of how you’ll build your blog in a way that will attract its very own visitors on autopilot!

With all these features such as training, forum, hosting services, and website management features, you could be assured that Wealthy Affiliate is highly equipped to bring you the best tools to use.

9. Community Awesome group of people

Wealthy Affiliate has a community that is unlike any I’ve ever seen on any training platform.

They say that the most challenging aspect of building an online business is getting help when you need it and this community is a pool of unlimited resources you can give all kinds of solutions to all your concerns in this business.

You have access to the forum that is rich with 1000’s of Q&A, member blog posts, member video tutorials, and the live chat feature where your question gets answered in real-time.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that is continually growing day by day (1.7+million community size and members from over 190 countries).

The community truly cares about your online success as everyone has a pay-it-forward attitude to helping others.

You’ll find people strengthening each other with success stories and words of encouragement that will keep you alive in the game.

I love the Wealthy Affiliate community! It has been the root of my online success!

So are you willing to come along with me?

With these nine compelling reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is legit, I hope you agree and have come to the same conclusion.

It’s time for YOU to jump in and start learning from this excellent affiliate marketing training platform.

If you sign up with the links/buttons on this post, I’ll give you BONUSES and ten free training, and they are revealed on your profile shortly after you sign up. You will see what they are as well as how to get them!

I hope you will join me and start your online business at Wealthy Affiliate!

Do you have any questions, inquiries? Please leave a comment below. I always answer my reader.






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  1. This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate, but before I sign up I need to ask you something first…

    How long did it take you to see results with WA? I’ve seen many people boasting about their success, but none of them ever says how much time it took them to get there…

    Once again, thanks for creating such amazing content and keep up the good work.


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