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A front or a profile of internet marketing is a website, a niche website in particular, what is then a niche website about.

Everybody these days knows what a website is; perhaps you too have you’re own or haven’t started yet.

Before, only big companies have it, but now it seems that almost everybody has a website, whether you’re a celebrity or just another ordinary human being.

The reason why it is so prevalent today is that if we have some queries or interested in something, we go to our trusted search engine, whether it’s Bing, Yahoo, or Google, and find our answers to a blog or a website.

Niche about dogs, fitness, plants, hobbies, and make money online or about affiliate marketing for that matter.

And in a decade, creating a website is one way of earning a side income by following the step by step procedure.

I broke down this post into five sub-topics and made it simple to be understood by anyone.

Let’s begin

what is a niche


What Is A Niche?

First of all, before we get into the main topic, let’s talk about the word NICHE.

What is a niche?

If you search the web for the meaning of a niche, it will give you different meanings.

In dictionary.com, Niche is defined as – a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing ex. To find a niche in the business world is a distinct segment of a market.

And other people who called themselves “gurus” define or describe Niche as “something that you are passionate about or things that you love doing, things that you enjoy.”

But from (the training through the platform) that I am using, I learned that Niche is simply a group of people who are interested in something specific.

Like what I mentioned earlier on the introduction of this post, everybody is searching the web on different topics; it can be about healthy diet and fitness, growing plants, how to care about your pets how to make money online, and how to be an affiliate marketing. So those are an example of niches.

Different Kinds Of Niches

Niches are almost everything and everywhere. Simply because it is something that people are always looking for an answer and the three primary or popular amongst affiliate marketers are these three: HEALTH, WEALTH & DATING.

But it can be anything like as follows :

  • Bicycle
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • How to sing
  • Playing instrument
  • Basketball or any sports
  • Scrapbook
  • Gadgets
  • Technology
  • Makeup
  • Kids
  • Motherhood
  • Photography
  • and many more

See? Niche is almost eve thing people are searching for.

How To Create A Niche Website?

Alright! In my previous post, I have written an article on how to create your website for free from scratch.

Now that you understand what is Niche, as an affiliate marketer or not, you have to narrow down your chosen Niche; it has to be specific; otherwise, you won’t be able to talk to your audience efficiently. It is where the Niche Website comes in.

To give you an example, my niche site healthy diet– a healthy diet is a vast topic, like what I said if the issue is general, it will be difficult to reach and talk to the audience effectively,

I have to narrow it down; I made it a Japanese healthy diet t his focuses on those people who are in the diet, particularly in Japanese ways. Well then, of course, you can have any topic you want as long as it is relevant to your Niche.

As a niche website/blogger, you have to make sure you provide your readers with solutions or answers to their problems through writing helpful, informative, quality content. Also, it has to be well-organized and exciting by using appropriate and relevant images or videos.

That is why you must choose a niche that you are passionate about or things you enjoy because you will be writing posts, lots of posts about, and around that Niche.

photography can be a niche

Examples Of Popular Niche Websites

I am going to use the given niches above and narrow it down for you. Thus, if you are planning to build your website, you can choose a base from these examples :


  • How to be like an Olympic medalist cyclist. [ You can talk about good workouts, gear, equipment, techniques]


  • How to grow a specific flower / plant / vegetable. [ You can talk about organic fertilizer, best soil for it ]


  • Basketball skills [ the owner of this platform) used this as an example of his training; he talked about on Improving Shooting Skills ]


  • Being a mom [ You can talk anything about a pregnancy until the giving birth to the baby ]


  • Cellphones [ You can do a review, comparison ]


  • Ukulele [ You can talk about how to play, tips and tricks, provide easy chords to follow, and so on… ]


  • Make up for women in their 50’s [ you can do a makeup product review, talk about what shades that fit every skin color, the latest trends. And the list can go on.]


  • Pictures for Instagram [ You can teach how to’s, filter, camera, correct pose ]

So probably I don’t go further, for sure you already understand what it is that I’m trying to point out.

Here are my niche websites


I’m just going to make a recap here, just in case you didn’t spend time reading this post from the top till this point, (which I hope that you did

So a Niche is simply a group of people searching or looking for the same stuff.

For you to communicate efficiently with your audience, you have to narrow down your Niche.

And YOU as an affiliate marketer or not, needs a NICHE WEBSITE where you write you’re helpful, well-organized, engaging and quality content blogs focusing on the “narrowed down” group of people who are looking for a standard specific niche.

Remember this, the more you put effort into giving your readers better quality content, the more chance in winning your audience’s hearts and trust; therefore, you’re giving your site an excellent opportunity to get a high ranking at Google.

I hope I have provided you enough information and answered: “What is a Niche Website?”

If you are planning to build you’re own now or maybe in the future, bear in mind that you should talk about the things that you enjoy talking about, so it won’t give you the feeling that you have to do it? Or you need to do it? Like it’s a “WORK.” And lastly, it takes a lot of time, effort, and works if you are starting.

There you have it! I made it concise and straightforward as much as possible. Because I am a reader myself, I prefer to read posts where I can relate and understand quickly.

I Want To Hear From You

Couldn’t I end this without asking you about your thoughts? Or questions?

Maybe if you have something to add or you found something that needs correction, please feel free to leave it in the comment, and I’ll be happy to reach out to you.

One more thing, I appreciate it if you can share this post with your friends or to your social networks!

REMEMBER: Sharing is caring! And if you want to start to build your niche website, you can start here!

Thanks! And I’ll see you in my next post!

I wish success to you and good luck!


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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for this article to explain what a niche website is, and it’s comprehensive that people easily get your point. I created a niche website for myself, so I understood how important to find a niche that you have passion for.

    If the niche is about something you love, it would be possible that your passion overcomes all the obstacles along the way to your online success. So, think about your passion first then the niche.


  2. Hello Lyn
    Good article you have here. I would recommand your website to beginners, easy to understand. I would of like to see it before I start mine.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for the article, it is very easy to understand. Sometimes (or most of the time) when people ask on how to find their niche, then it become complicated and technical explanation, but you made it so easy and understandable. Thank you!


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